Friday, January 8, 2010


The second project for Assemblee competition Part 2 is called "Rakshasas".
It is a co-op survival for 2 players, who control a pair of mighty demons aiding a luckless thief.
Lurking in the underground treasury of the wicked Mage Guild the criminal comes into possesion of two mysterious rings and summons rakshasas - creatures of untold powers. Out of some sadistic interest they decide to help the unfortunate guy to get out of the Guild's castle.

Actually, that is the first project, but Space Smuggler was a tryout that suddenly turned into a complete game.

There are only 4 levels planned in Rakshasas: dungeon, forest (or rather some garden), knights chamber and the Wizard's chamber. Players goal is to destroy all living\mystical\mechanical creatures on the level and save the defenseless thief.